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We are The Sole Distributors And Suppliers of Miller Welding Machines , Plasma Cutters and All Welding Accessories and Consumables                                                                                                                                        We are also the Sole Distributors of Phoenix Electrode Ovens ,USA as well as Bug-O Systems ,USA


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Miller Products

spectrum 875 X Treme

Big Blue 450 Duo CST

Big Blue 500 Eco Pro

Du Op 700

Big Blue 400 x cc / cv

 Diversion 180 AC/ DC Tig

Big Blue 500 / 600

CST 280

Durable yet lightweight Stick/TIG welding power source designed for construction industry. 280 amps of output is ideal for stick electrodes up to 3/16 in and TIG welding pipe and plate More





Auto-Line™ automatically connects unit to any primary input voltage from 208 to 575 volts, three-phase, 50 or 60 Hz More





Dynasty® 350 and 700 Series

Latest technology - this powerful, compact AC/DC inverter delivers superior arc performance with total AC arc shaping capabilities. Auto-Line™ technology allows connection to any voltage or frequency in the world while using half the power of a conventional welding machine More



Syncrowave® 250 DX

Industry standard - Syncrowave 250 DX has proven itself time and time again in the most demanding applications. Its industrial design and construction ensure reliable operation for years to come More

Syncrowave® 350 LX

Master craftsman's choice - Syncrowave 350 LX provides a stable low-end output for intricate applications and the capability to ensure you have enough power for those heavy demands More

XMT Series 304/456CC/CV

The multiprocess XMT 304 CC/CV combines the advantages of inverter-based power with the built-in features and productivity of high-end MIG machines More

The multiprocess XMT 456 CC/CV combines the advantages of inverter-based power with the built-in features and productivity of high-end MIG machines More  



Engine-Driven Welders/Generators

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Trailblazer® 302 Diesel

Designed for the professional welder who needs a machine with excellent arc performance for all types of welding jobs More



Multiprocess Welders

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 SRH 500

SRH power source is the reliable favorite of the welding industry because of its history of proven durability. Welders have come to appreciate the SRH's ability to get the job done over a wide range of applications More


 Gold Star Series

From steel erection to shipbuilding, from foundries to refineries, the Gold Star Series from Miller is known by welders the world over for rugged, reliable performance and superior arc characteristics More


XMT® 304 and 350 Racks

XMT Rack conveniently houses multiple inverter power sources for multiple welders. This is an ideal system for onsite applications including construction and shipbuilding








DryRod®  ll Portable Electrods Stabilization Ovens

Drive Off Moisture For Better Welds      Made in USA



Bench Electrode Ovens Portable Electrode Ovens Safetube Rod Canisters
Parts Pages General-Purpose / FCW Ovens Flux Ovens

    Made in USA


Champagne Nozzle Kits

Water Cooler Upgrade Kit Leather Cable Covers

TEC® TIG Spot Gun

Air Cooled TIG Torches

Control Switches

Speedway® TIG Torches

Airco® Style TIG Torches

Small TIG Torches

i-Head® TIG Torches 

Automated Machine TIG Torches Micro TIG Torches

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