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 شركة الرخ للخدمات الهندسية المحدودة

Al-Rook Engineering Services Company (est. 2002) based in Baghdad-Iraq with offices in Basra and Erbil. Specialized in:

  • Engineering Services.
  • Tank calibration.
  • NDT Calibration lab.
  • X-Ray Maintenance shop.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Training and developing Companies according to ISO Certificates 9001/2015, 14000:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

The certificates and granted licenses:
  • Integrated management system certificate IMS (Quality Management System ISO 9001/2008, Environmental Management System ISO 14001/2004 & Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001/2007) by BV.
  • HSE certificates (IOSH/ UK).

Adopted by:
  • Ministry Of Oil / MOO
  • Ministry of Industry & Minerals / MOI & M.
  • Kurdistan Government / Ministry Of Natural Resources KRG/MNR.
  • Iraqi Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC) to habilitate the companies to get ISO 9001/2008.

Joint ventures:
One of the ways to ensure customer satisfaction is to provide quality and excellent service at competitive prices to our customers based on that we got many joint ventures with different international companies to keep up with the development in the field of destructive and non-destructive inspections, training and granting the certificates.

The company's activities can be summarized as follows.

A- Engineering Services.

  - Implementation of the Quality Control of the works for the below equipment:
  • Industrial Boilers (Fire & Water Tube).
  • Pressure Vessels (Tower, Drums, and Reactor).
  • Storage Tanks (Fixed, Floating Roof)
  • Cathodic Protection Systems & Equipments.
  • Piping Systems

  - Providing engineering services in the field of Destructive and Non-Destructive testing by using modern techniques according to international standards (ASME, ASTM,     API, DIN, BS, and JIS) and to customer requirements.
The Non-Destructive inspection are part of our activities as below:
  • Radiography Inspection by using (X-RAY DIRECTION & CRAWLER)
  • Ultrasonic inspection (manual UT & PHASED ARRAY/TOFD)
  • Magnetic particle test
  • Dye Penetration test
  • UT Thickness Test
  • Coating Thickness Test
  • PWHT
  • Vibration analyses

  - The staff authorized and certified as below:

  • ASNT NDT Level III in (RT, PT, MT & UT).
  • SNT-TC-1A Level II in (RT, RFI, VT, PT, MT & UT).
  • Welding Inspection (CSWIP3.1 & IWI-S).
  • API-510, 570, 653.

  - Qualification the welder, calibration welding machine, ovens for heating welder wire.
  - Conducting & matching the following
  • Mechanical and chemical test like (Tensile strength, Hardness test, Bending test, Impact test, Macro, Microstructure & Metals Chemical Analysis).
  • WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) with supported by PQR (Procedure Qualification Record).
  • Matching the materials which used in manufacturing, according to international standards (ASME ASTM Sec II Part A for (Valves, Fittings, Tubes, Pipes, Plates &. ect.).
  B- Tank calibration.
  Al – Rook Company providing the accurate and detailed measurement and calibration of large petroleum, fuel, and chemical storage tanks. Refined petroleum products, LPG . Utilize the latest tank calibration technology with expert engineers and technicians , equipped with the required measuring devices.

  C- Calibration Laboratory
  We present our services in the field of calibration of Non- Destructive Test (NDT) equipment.
  Our engineers are continuously trained and certified by respective manufacturers which enable us to calibrate the equipment according to the manufacturer's specifications    and international standards.
  • Lux meter
  • Thickness meter
  • Ultrasonic flaw detector
  • Viewer
  • MT Yoke
  • Densitometer

  D- X-RAY maintenance Workshop
  Inspection and maintenance radiographic equipment (X-Ray Direction & crawler) type (BALTEAU-Belgian, exclusively authorization), as well as to maintenance and   

  radiography equipment (Chinese origin) and other types.

  E- Environment Impact Study (EIA)
  Baseline Study for (Air monitoring, soil, surface water, ground water, waste, social, radiation, noise). Through cooperation with certified and licensed entities by the Ministry    of Environment

  F- Training and developing Companies
  - Training and developing of companies according to international standards quality management system ISO 9001/2008, Environmental Management System ISO  

   14001/2004 & Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001/2007.
  - Nominated by ISO - Switzerland to apply some of the core items of International Standard ISO 26000 that related with social responsibility.

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AL-ROOK Engineering Services Co. Ltd

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