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 حلول طباعة ودعاية متكاملة لأعمالكم                 

Business description:
Mahwy Company is an advertising agency that specialized in graphic design, printing, and providing various advertising materials, taking in consideration the best updated qualities and methodologies of advertisement.

Mahwy Company established in June/ 2006, our main object is to facilitate and ensure market connection between our client and their consumers in a widest way and in a shortest period of time.

Our goal:
Company’s goal and promise is to make our clients more successful in their lines of business. All of our actions are motivated by our desire to support our customers in their objectives, help them to improve their companies, and to arm them for global competition through advertising,

As Mahwy Company we are so proud that we reached a highest goal in a very short Period, and we earned a great reputation among our clients for our decency, trust, and transparency in communicating with our clients, regardless to our high standards qualities that nominate us to be one of the best advertising agencies in the whole area.
But our ambition to present the best to our customers and to be in the lead; is our motive to be more creative, up to date, and that’s what keeps our working spirit alive.
Logos are used as a branding tool for representing the
Make your voice heard and reach out to the market even more 



Plastic IDcard
We provide several types of  ID cards, that can be
Paper Bag
We design and print paper bags
Material paper:&n
Custom made certificates / awards are createdto
Stand Banner
Various Sizes and Material available
Car Air Freshners
Car Air Freshner
Various sizes and shapes available.
Design and Printing of:
Advertising calendar
CD Label
Put your company logo on your CDs or DVDs.Also avail
A wide range of Merchandizes available to suit your company. Anyt
Business card
Print your Business information on a Business Card with pers
Get your Company's logotype on a sticker. Various siz
We offer all envelope sizes with your company logo printed.
Folders are used to protect statements and other important docume
Catalog, Profile, CV, Brochure
We design and print all kind of Catalogs, CV and Brochures
Print your documents and statements on a personal paper.
Receipt & Contract
Make your billing system more special by a personalized reci

Regardless of what type of brochure you need, we will help you with ph

CD Cover
Protect your CDs and DVDs by putting them in a CD Cover with your c

Customer Diary
Customer Diary with your companys logotype.         Dedicated spaces 


Mahwy Company Advertising Agency Add: Salim St. – Sulaimaniyah – Iraq

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Tel: +964(0) 53 330 0322 - Mob: +964(0)770 152 8880 - Mob: +964(0)770 227 8888



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